About Kids Classes

Classes for kids (15 years old and younger) are offered on a bring-your-own-group, build-your-own-class basis. See details below.

Build-Your-Own Class Policy for Kids' Classes

Interested in a class for children under 16? (Ages 16+ can enroll in adult classes.) We're happy to work with you to set one up if you can come to us with a ready-made group. Get a group of friends together, and we'll get it running. Your group would be charged according to the chart below. We would work with our instructors and your group to find a time/date that works for everyone.

For more information or to start setting up a class, email us at makewaynesboro@gmail.com


  • In general, a session is $25 per student per class. For example:
    • A 6-week class (once per week) is $150 per student, or a total of $600 for 4 students.
    • A 4-week class (once per week) is $100 per student, or a total of $400 for 4 students.
  • We require at least 4 students per session in order to run a class. Classes must be no larger than 8 students.
  • If your group is small (ex: 3 students instead of 4), you could opt to cover the extra cost and the class could still run.
  • Parent/child combination classes are available as well, but the parent and child are each counted as separate students.

Options for Classes

  • Handbuilding. This includes skills like pinch pots, building with slabs or coils, and use of textures.
  • Wheel-throwing. (see below for additional, important information on wheel-throwing classes) This is seated at a potter's wheel. The focus for beginners is on learning to center and work up to a cylinder.
  • A combination of handbuilding and wheel-throwing.

Suggestions for Wheel-Throwing Classes

  • Kids younger than 8 might not have the arm strength needed for throwing on the wheel. Younger kids should take hand-building instead.
  • Our instructors recommend that wheel-throwing classes for kids younger than about 12 years old should not run for more than 4 sessions. It's a pretty difficult skill to learn, and younger kids can find the lack of speedy progress frustrating. It is possible to arrange a class that would have a few weeks of handbuilding and a few weeks of throwing, so they would get to try both, but wouldn't get bored with wheel-throwing.

Additional Policies

  • There are no refunds available for classes that are missed due to students' illness, vacation, etc. If the studio must cancel class due to poor weather, instructor illness, etc., then we will either refund students proportionally or work with the group to reschedule the missed class.
  • Classes should be scheduled on evenly recurring days. For example:
    • Every Thursday evening for 6 weeks.
    • Four weekday afternoons in a row during summer break. (Monday-Thursday, all in the same week.)
    • Because the studio can be quite busy and we need to be able to plan for what's going on when, we cannot schedule classes that are some weeks Mondays, some weeks Wednesdays, etc.
  • Parents are welcome to stay or leave kids on their own.
  • The suggested minimum age is 5 years old, though we've had a few younger children take part with siblings.

Example Classes

Here are a few ideas of what classes could look like:

Wheel-Throwing Example

  • 5 students, ages 12-13
  • The class runs for 6 weeks, on Saturdays from 10am-noon
  • The cost would be $750 total, or $150 per student

Combination Class Example

  • 6 students, ages 9-10
  • The class runs for 4 weeks, on Tuesdays from 6-8pm
  • 1 class will be wheel-throwing, because everyone wants to give it a try, and the other 3 classes will be handbuilding.
  • The cost would be $600 total, or $100 per student

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